Taxi Services & Car Transportation

The Basics

-What is SmartLimo?
SmartLimo is the newest, easiest way to get a limo in the San Francisco Bay Area. Just download the app (Android or iOS), make a reservation, and you're good to go.

-Where do your cars and drivers come from?
SmartLimo only takes the best of the best when it comes to both cars and drivers. All of the vehicles in our fleet are luxury cars, and all drivers have undergone rigorous training and background checks.

-When can i get a ride?
As soon as you download the SmartLimo app, you can schedule a pickup. Pickups are available 24/7 for the San Francisco Bay Area.

-What events can I use SmartLimo for?
SmartLimo rides are great for any occasion. Impress a date, take a group night out, get to the airport in luxury, or just get a ride across the city in style -- whatever you need, whenever you need it, SmartLimo is there.

Rates, Fees, & Payment

-What does SmartLimo cost?
SmartLimo rides charge based on time, plus a $6 base fee. Total are calculated based on GPS positioning and calculated vehicle speed (between $.99 and $2.65 per minute based on speed -- no distance fee). In most cases, trips within San Francisco cost between $12 and $35.
Special rates are available for all Bay Area airports. View the Rates page for more information.

-How do I pay?
A credit card is required for a SmartLimo account. Cards are charged only when the trip is complete.

-How do I know a reservation has been made?
Once you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. When your driver is within 15 minutes of picking you up, you will receive a push-up email.

-What types of cars are in your fleet?
SmartLimo customers can choose between luxury cars and hybrid sedans when they schedule their appointment. As hybrid sedans have greater fuel economy, they run at a lower per-minute rate than luxury cars. All SmartLimo vehicles have city licenses and commercial insurances.

-What should I leave as a tip?
All tips are automatically calculated in the final SmartLimo total, so you don't have to worry about a thing!

-What is your cancellation policy?
You may cancel at anytime before your driver arrives without any charge. A $10 cancellation fee applies if you cancel after the driver arrives.

-Can I change my scheduled pickup?
To change your pickup time, cancel your old appointment and schedule a new one.

Features & Technical Info

-Can I track my driver?
When you receive your appointment's push-up email (sent 15 minutes prior to driver arrival), you can reply with a confirmation. This confirmation will begin real-time tracking of your driver, allowing you to accurately anticipate when your ride will arrive.

-Can SmartLimo be on-call for my company?
SmartLimo is available for a number of business services, from special corporate events to being on-call for an organization. For more information, view our business accounts page.

Support Issues

-I have a technical problem with the app. What can I do?
SmartLimo provides 24/7 technical support. if you have a problem.

-I'd like to drive for SmartLimo. How can I apply?
Please view our Apply To Drive page for more information.

-I'm not satisfied with my experience. What is your refund policy?
Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your experience. We will review your case and offer a partial or full refund if it is appropriate. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.